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Anal Liverpool escorts are also called A Level escorts. “A Levels” is a code name for escorts who offer anal sex as a sexual service to their clientele. Anal sex is where a male client puts his erect penis into the female escort’s anus or rectum for sexual pleasure. In addition to anal penetration, clients can use sex toys to be inserted into the escort´s anus. Such as anal beads, anal butt plugs. Escorts who offer anal may also allow the clients fingers to be inserted into her bum hole. Sometimes a slang phrase for having anal sex with an escort is “doing it the Greek way”. 

There’s something alluring and mysterious about the dark side of desire,” – says Singer.  

Anal sex is very often a sex act that clients cannot get in their personal lives. Therefore, they book A level escorts who offer this. Many females are concerned that anal sex will be painful, uncomfortable or will have embarrassing poo messes.  

Anal escorts are experienced at preparing their anus´s, so anal sex is enjoyable and pleasurable. Clients should start with plenty of foreplay and take then experience slowly so they do not hurt the escort. It is very important to use plenty of lubrication as the escorts anus is not self-lubricating like her vagina. The anal escort will position herself, so that she is comfortable with penetration and entry. Before the client arrives, she will take a laxative to prepare her bowels in advance, so there are no nasty surprises! She may also insert a medium sized butt plug in before the appointment to relax her sphincter. It is best if the client pre-warns an escort if he requires anal sex, so that she can prepare her body. Normally with anal escorts, size restrictions apply! If the client’s penis is too long, or his penis has a wide girth, anal sex may be impossible for her.  

When anal sex is performed correctly, with preparation and patience, the experience can be very pleasurable for both the client and the escort! Many clients experience intense orgasms through the new experience of anal exploration. The sensation is very tight compared to vaginal sex. For the escort, there are more nerve endings in her rectum than her vagina.  

Anal sex can be controversial in different cultures. Some clients from different religions believe that having anal sex with an escort is not cheating on their partner. A female cannot get pregnant through anal penetration; therefore, it is not sex. This makes it a preferred sexual activity with an anal escort.  

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