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Asian Liverpool escorts are stunning female companions. Asian escorts are those who come from or have heritage from any country is Asia. This can include, China, India, Vietnam, The Philippines, Japan, Cambodia, Korea, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Vietnam, East India, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Nepal and Burma. Asia is a continent, therefore there are many different nationalities and ethnicities that Asian escorts can be.  

Some clients refer to escorts from China and Korea as Oriental Asians, who have light skin. And Asian escorts from India and Pakistan who are dark skinned. Or some clients refer to Asian escorts as oriental. Whatever a client’s perception of an Asian escort, he can be assured to have an amazing erotic experience. In some cultures, calling a female an Asian is considered racist or not politically correct. Within the escort industry, the term Asian escort or oriental escort is acceptable.  

Asian persuasion is another term used in the escort industry. Every client has a type of escort that he prefers to see. He may have a thing for blondes or prefers escorts of his own nationality. Asian persuasion is for those clients who have never visited an Asian or Oriental escort before. Because once they have been persuaded to book with an Asian escort, he will love them!  

There are stereotypes to Asian girls. The first is they all look the same or they all look Chinese, with yellow skin and slanted eyes. People believe they are all highly intelligent due to a strict education. They all eat dogs and cats. All Asian women are black belts in karate. Asian escorts can only accompany Asian men because of arranged marriages! Asian escorts cannot communicate because they have bad English. They are small china dolls with small vaginas. And of course, “Asian whore” referring to them all being poor and becoming prostitutes.  

The real fact is, Asian girls are the best escorts! They are hardworking, professional and ambitious. They are well-educated, respectful but fun to be around. Always putting the needs of their clients before anything or anyone else. Their culture has taught them from an early age to be kind and helpful to others. Therefore, Asian escorts have all the natural attributes and best qualities to be the perfect companion! 

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