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CIM Liverpool escorts are the preferred choice for men who want to ejaculate in a working girl’s mouth. CIM stands for cum in mouth. Cum is a slang word for when men ejaculate semen from their penis. The sex act is performed without protection of a condom on the penis, to allow the cum to go into the escorts mouth.  

CIM is a sexual service that certain escorts offer. There is always a possibility that a CIM escort could catch a sexually transmitted disease. As with all sexual services, an escort who does CIM will only do so at her discretion and subject to the client’s personal hygiene. If the penis smells or doesn’t look healthy, then she will refuse the cum in mouth service. Some CIM escorts will spit out the semen once it enters into her mouth. There are escorts who will swallow the semen once it has been ejaculated into her mouth. If a girl wishes to allow the client to ejaculate cum into her mouth, then the safer option is to spit it out. It is also recommended that a CIM escort does not offer the service if she has any cut, sores or dental work within her mouth area. Open sores within the mouth can also transmit diseases. Cum is full of protein, minerals and nutrients. If a CIM escort decides to swallow and there are no diseases, it can be healthy! Infact, it can very good for an escorts skin and keeps away any unwanted wrinkles.  

To offer cum in mouth, the escort will be an OWO escort! OWO is the abbreviated form of oral without. In other words, a blowjob without a condom. Obviously, if the client had a condom on, the cum would not be able to enter the escorts mouth! Depending what the client has eaten, the cum can taste different to the escort. Escorts claim that men who eat spicy curries have a distinctive taste in their semen. CIM escorts do not have a sensitive gag reflex. Once the cum is in her mouth, an escort may kiss the client and pass it into his mouth which is called a snowball.  

Because of the rare health risk possibility, not every escort offers CIM. However, an escort who offers CIM is usually fully booked for the duration of time she works. Clients perceive the offering of cum in mouth as a real privilege. This makes a CIM escort very special. Being able to ejaculate in a female’s mouth is one of the most arousing services that an escort can offer. 

The great thing about cumming in an escort’s mouth is, a client can never get her pregnant! There is absolutely no way that sperm which enters the escorts mouth, can get to her fallopian tubes and egg. Cim is the best way to finish your escort experience! 

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