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Curvy escorts

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Curvy Liverpool escorts have large breasts, hips and bum but a small waist. Curvy does not mean fat, it means there are parts of her body which are defined and healthy. However, some escorts call themselves curvy as a euphemism if they are a bit over weight. Curvy escorts accumulate less fat in the waist, and more on the hips, thighs and boobs, which gives them that nice “hourglass shape”. Escorts who are curvy comes not just from hormones or placement of fat deposits, but also bone structure. Curvy figures come in all different body weights.  

A curvaceous physique can be viewed on the escorts profile photos. When an escort agency represents a female, photos will be displayed on their website of her figure. This gives clients a good indication of if she does have an hour-glass figure, or if she is carrying extra weight. Some will even display her dress dimensions. Some escorts describe their curvy body as “voluptuous”.  

Curvy is the figure that every escort desire to achieve. They are considered to look more feminine and womanlier. Some escorts even wear a corset to achieve this body image. Others have been known to go to extremes and have plastic surgery to enhance their curves. Breast implants are a popular type of surgery with escorts to achieve curves on the top of their body. As well as liposuction to emphasise the hips. A trending surgery nowadays is bum implants.  

Clients like curvy escorts because they will eat with them at a dinner date. There’s nothing worse than a weight-watching companion who flicks her salad around her plate. They find it more comfortable eating with their date as opposed to their date watching them eat.  

From Marilyn Monroe to ancient Greece statues and old paintings, women who had curves were seen as the most beautiful. Liverpudlian men prefer curvy companions because it is actually biological and subconscious thoughts of fertility! Even though of course, they don’t want to make babies with escorts, curvy females look fertile and that is what attracts men to want to be with her and have sex with her. It is scientifically, a primitive instinct factor when choosing an escort to visit. Therefore, men find ladies with boobs, hips and a bum more attractive. They have a proportionate body shape. Especially compared to skinny, flat chested escorts who appear to be unhealthy. 

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