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Dominant escorts


Dominant Liverpool escorts are otherwise named “Dominatrix escorts”. In exchange for money for her time, she can dominate her clients through erotic humiliation or verbal commands. Depending on her level of dominance, an escort may have a professional play space for bondage and equipment. Clients often require the dominant escort to induce pain on them for pleasurable sensations. This can include bondage, suspension, spanking (mild or hard) cock and ball torture or walking on the client’s body with her high heels.  

Typically, a dominant escort will wear black leather or PVC. Corsets and black gloves are seen to empower the dominant escort. As well as black knee-high or thigh-high boots known as kinky-boots. A professional dominatrix usually will not have sex with her clients. He will not be allowed to touch her or have any contact with her. If he tries to, he will be punished for not obeying her commands.  

A dominant escort may prefer to take the lead when it comes to her sexual activities. She may choose the sex position. This is often required by clients who wish to relax and let the escort take the dominant role. So, a dominant escort isn’t necessarily one who will inflict pain for pleasure upon her clients. She might just simply prefer not to be in a submissive role.  

An example of a dominant sexual position for an escort is the superior cowgirl position. The client will lay down on the bed. The escort will dominant the position by straddling over him and riding his penis. Hence the name cowgirl sex position. The escort has full control over the depth of the penis inside her vagina and the rhythm.  

When a client books a dominant escort, he is guaranteed to have maximum pleasure. An escort who is dominant will ensure all of his personal needs are met and satisfied. Dominant girls are very discrete, so a client’s secret is always kept safe. Members of the public, family or friends may not ever understand why a client likes his testicles stood on by an escort in heels?! They may not understand why a man gets pleasure from the pain of his nipples being clamped. 

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