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Petite escorts

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Petite Liverpool escorts are short in their height and have slender figures. They make clients feel manlier because he appears to be bigger and stronger next to her. He can also pick her up easily. This makes experimenting with sexual positions more fun! Clients are made to feel more macho and heroic. Petite escorts do not intimidate clients and therefore their masculinity is not threatened. 

Petite escorts appear to be more feminine and daintier. The appearance of their vulnerability is an attractive quality. Clients want to carry her and cuddle her. According to one escort agency who represented a petite escort, clients called her “the pocket rocket”. “She was classified as adorable and clients wanted to pick her up and put her in their pocket. She was full of energy stored in a petite body. The petite escort that we advertised was our most popular escort”. 

Another client told us that her little hands made the appearance of his penis to look larger. And therefore, the petite escort gave him a confidence boost with regards to his manhood. Another client told us how he had a secret schoolgirl fantasy. The petite escort dressed up as a school girl for the role play and his fantasy was fulfilled. “Because the escort was small and slim, she played the perfect role of a schoolgirl. But it was consensual between two grown adults, and we had fun together. She was a great little actress”.  

Petite is an escort category often seen on websites within the escort industry. Clients specifically will only book petite escorts. They do not need to worry her towering over him or having fat rolls. However, each petite escort is unique and different. For example, she may be in the escort category of “busty and petite”.  These small females will offer different sexual services based on their own preferences. Some petite escorts will be more experienced than others. Some may have a Liverpudlian accent where as others have moved to the area for escort work. Their hair colour and facial characteristics will be different.  

Always remember, a tiny escort has already heard all the jokes about her height. She´s probably had comments with regards to her size for all of her life. But she’s had the confidence to be an escort and entertain men in exchange for money. That means she has courage. Inside their minds, petite escorts are strong. A petite escort should never be under estimated. Read about her personality and services first before you book her. You never know, she may be a petite dominatrix!  

Petite escorts are not the same as dwarfism or midget escorts. These people are normally defined if they are under the height of 147 centimeters, or 4ft 10 inches. 

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