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Liverpool role play escorts can make all your secret fantasies come true! The roleplay escort and her client will act out different characters in a sexual manner. Creating excitement and erotic pleasure. Clients who book role play escorts can find a form of escapism from everyday life. For the duration of time a client is with a roleplay escort, he can live out a character and be someone else. A role play escort will use her imagination and creativity to ensure all of the client’s secret fantasies and desires are fulfilled. They are experienced actresses, so fantasy becomes a reality. 

Many clients who enjoy roleplay with an escort have a uniform fetish. This is where they are sexually aroused by female escorts who wear uniforms. Escorts will wear a roleplay uniform to make the experience more realistic. The uniforms can be realistic, or sexualised with miniskirts and a plunging neck line to enhance her cleavage.  

There are many roleplay costumes available for escorts. The most popular are naughty nurse, where the client plays the part of the patient. A boss and a sexy secretary, where he takes advantage of her in the office. Policewoman, where the escort uses handcuffs for the criminal client. Another popular role play scenerio is; the client plays the part of the headmaster and the escort plays the role of a naughty schoolgirl. Because a schoolgirl is considered to be a minor, most clients prefer the college uniform. The college uniform gives a youthful and innocent image, but she is over the legal age of consent. Even though it is only roleplay, clients feel they are acting out pedophilia if they use the school girl uniform. Spanking a schoolgirl is not the same as spanking a college girl.  

Whatever a person’s thoughts or opinions, the fact is; roleplay is acting between two consenting adults! No harm physically or mentally is caused! It is also believed that acting out a roleplay with an escort keeps sexual crimes lower in the city. All appointments finish with a laugh, kiss and a cuddle!  

Usually, roleplay is acting out a dominant and submissive role. Other role plays scenarios using a cheerleader, pilot, sexy air hostess or a French maid uniform are also popular. These adult costumes are available to buy in any sex shops or adult internet stores. A French maid outfit is popular for wealthy clients who require an outcall to their hotel. He becomes the master and she became the French maid for a humbling, humiliating or sex slave roleplay experience.  

There are many Liverpudlian clients who enjoy animal play or pet play. The client or escort literally dresses up in an animal costume. If used as a part of BDsM, one may wear a collar around the next and the other commands the animal who is on a lead. Animal instincts can be brought out through animal roleplays. Allowing the client to be the alpha male or the escort to be the alpha female.  

Whatever character the client enjoys being, he can be assured that it is a safe and sane environment. No roleplay escort will ever laugh or judge a client. The roleplay experience can be as fun or as serious as the clients requires.  

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