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Tall escorts

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Tall Liverpool escorts look like models! They have long sexy legs which are perfect for any man with a long leg fetish. They look amazing in short skirts and dresses. Tall escorts have the appearance of looking slim. And if they gain a bit of weight on a dinner date, clients will rarely notice. As with all tall escorts, their height carries off any extra pounds. This means they can enjoy a full three course meal with clients without appearing to be a picky eater. An escort who is tall, will always stand out first from all the other females. They are usually the first escorts chosen for a visit. Most clients look up to tall escorts, literally!  

There is even a day dedicated to tall escorts! The day is called “International hug a tall person day”. The day is devoted to booking tall escorts and showing them love and affection. They are goddesses and should be treated as such. In essence, tall escorts are worshipped for a day.  

Macrophilia is a fetish, sexual fantasy or fascination with tall escorts. These tall female escorts are seen as female giants, named giantesses. Macrophilia translates to “large lover”. Clients, who are usually male, enjoy the powerful tall escort making them feel small. They enjoy being abused, degraded, dominated, or eaten by the tall escort. 

A tall escort will make a perfect dominatrix! Their height can be perceived as intimidating. Tall escorts automatically command authority. Therefore, is she a dominant escort she will soon have men begging on their knees. Tall female dominatrix´s look sexy as fuck in PVC and leathers with thigh high boots. With still plenty of thigh to show! There are many clients who have a tall woman fetish. They fantasise about being dominated or protected by a tall woman. In the real world, if a man approached a tall female and asked her to whip him, it’s not going to go down too well. Being whipped would be the last of his worries! But a tall escort who is a dominatrix will be open minded to any pain.  

A tall escort can wear flat shoes and still look fashionable for a date. She is the perfect companion for day trips because she can walk around without her feet hurting.  

Escorts who are tall have confidence! They know men are paying them for their height. This boosts their body confidence. They are always full of energy and can have an athletic build. When they are laid down in the bed, there appears to be no size difference for a shorter client. But beneficial to him, he has more of her beautiful body to explore! 

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